ISO 9001

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We at Voscon BV have been working for years on a structured approach of quality management and in 2013 we've successfully obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

ISO:9001:2008 is an international standard which has several requirements regarding the quality control policy of a company, and how this company enforces that policy. While it is the company's task to continuously achieve high marks on customer satisfaction by meeting the wishes and requirements of the customer and by meeting the legal requirements that apply to the product or service of the company. In addition to this, the company has to show it is proficient at managing these tasks and processes.

After an external audit had taken place at Voscon BV, we have as a company received the certificate showing that our organization meets the requirements set by this standard. This is a sign for the company and to its customers that it follows a structured approach when it comes to quality control management. In short: saying what you're doing, doing what you're saying, and proving it.

Voscon BV has been VCA* certified since 2007. This means that the company has a policy in place to ensure that there's a continuous improvement on matters regarding safety, health, and environment: reducing accidents, incidents, material and environmental damage, while improving an enjoyable, and above all, safe working environment.

VCA* stands for "VGM Checklist Contractors". It's a multifaceted set of requirements with which ever more service oriented companies can be tested and certified in an objective and structural manner, focussing on aspects such as policies on health, safety, and the environment. Euromet BV has fully integrated the VCA guidelines into its ISO 9001 management system.

CE NEN-1090

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From the 1st of July 2014 onwards, load bearing steel and aluminium constructions must carry the CE marking according to NEN-EN 1090.

Voscon VBS B.V. adheres to the NEN-EN-1090 norm and can also supply the CE marking. We are in posession of the company certificate: Factory Production Control.

One of the requirements to be allowed to place CE markings on products, is that we as a producer must be FPC certified by a notified body. This certificate entails that we had to setup our own Factory Production Control (FPC) system in accordance with NEN-EN 1090, including a welding quality management system according to NEN-EN ISO 3834.

However, CE is not a quality label or a certificate, but a statement from the producer that their products meet all constructive requirements in relevant product norms that have been formulated by the governing body.

Voscon VBS B.V. is certified for the execution class 2 in accordance with NEN-EN 1090. We put tremendous value on safety, quality, and governance. This also shows from all other certificates Voscon VBS B.V. holds.

Certified training company

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Voscon is a certified training company. We believe skilled craftsmen are the key to success; with the right knowledge you'll have the perfect base for skilled craftsmen. We have our own practical trainer and can offer a good training/working career path. We make sure that the student practices and ultimately controls as many different skills as possible.

OOM Award

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Voscon B.V. won the OOM award 2014 in September. During the annual meeting in the Zuid-Holland district of the Royal Metal Union, we were chosen as the best training company in metal in the Zuid-Holland province. Our competition entails a total of 2400 companies with over 24.000 employees, which underlines our performance.

Voscon is training students interested in a technical education, as well as BBL and BOL students. In addition we invest in training and courses for our permanent employees. A striking result of an intensive cooperation between industry and education.